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Enrollment Applications are available, immediately below, in PDF format for download and printing.  Please select the location of your choice and submit by standard mail to the address noted on each form, or by EMAIL.

Enrollment Applications by location:

Preference will be given to siblings of children already enrolled in the program and to Montessori transfer students.  A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is required for all applications.

Please review our PARENT POLICY MANUAL prior to completing your application.

Tuition Fees & In Service Days by location:

Include in the above links is a printable PDF file of the important dates for the school year.

Parent / Teacher Conferences
Regularly scheduled parent/teacher conferences are held at least twice a year, with an optional conference to be held after parents receive progress reports.

  • Mid-November: Verbal Reports
  • Winter: Written Report
  • Spring: Hands-on Observations
If specific problems arise during the school year, parents should feel free to contact the school and a special meeting will be arranged.

Dress Code
Your child's clothing should be simple, comfortable, easy to clean, and easy for them to manage.  Avoid belts, straps, suspenders, etc.  Students require runners for outdoor play, and slippers for indoor wear.  We appreciate parents purchasing Velcro runners, whenever possible, to allow children to dress independently.  The ability to “do it themselves” builds self-confidence and a feeling of independence.  Sandals are not permitted in the playground area.  For children in diapers, please ensure that you bring baby wipes, cream, and diapers, sufficient to keep your little one comfortable for the duration of their stay.  All clothing should be labeled.  The school is not responsible for lost articles.

Parental Involvement
Included in your registration package is a Volunteer Sign-Up sheet.  There are many activities in which we welcome, and need, your assistance.  Parents who have a special talent, career, or hobby, that they think might be interesting to the children, are invited to make arrangements with the Class Teacher to set up a time to share this information with the students.

Interior View of
                  Paradise Montessori PreschoolBehavior Management
Paradise Montessori Preschool follows a positive image management policy.  All children are cared for respectfully.  In the event a student is misbehaving, or hurting another child, the student will be re-directed to a different area and/or another activity.  The child will be encouraged to talk about the incident, and their behavior, when he or she is ready.  Should a child become uncontrollable, for any reason, the parents will be contacted immediately.  With their permission, outside resources, such a Child Daycare Office Behavior Management Specialist, will be consulted.

"Montessori is not a system for training children in academic studies but a revolutionary method of observing and following the interests of children, and continually adapting the environment from which they learn, by means of experimentation and research, what they need to know in order to contribute to society and the environment, and to become fulfilled persons in their particular time and place on Earth.” - THE INTERNATIONAL MONTESSORI INDEX

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