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DevelopingBorn in Italy in 1870, Dr. Maria Montessori became the first female doctor in Italy.  She founded the Montessori method of learning on the basis of encouraging children to fulfill their potential by learning through their own experiences.

The Montessori Environment
Practical Life Area:
Helps children develop self-sufficiency skills as well as day-to-day life independency.

Sensorial Area:
Helps develop, explore, refine and broaden sense perceptions.

Language Arts Area:
Develops vocabulary, self expression skills, and reading and writing skills.

Mathematics Area:
Children obtain concrete experience with number concepts and symbols through materials and manipulatives.

Cultural Area:
Children gain a basic knowledge of Science (Zoology and Botany) and Geography, as well as the diverse cultures of the world.

Arts & Crafts Area:
Helps children to develop their basic cognitive skills and expand their creativity.

Music Area:
We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Orff music program, conducted by staff trained in the Orff methodology.

This progressive music program, named after its founder Carl Orff, includes instrument playing (both pitched and non-pitched), movement and dance, body percussion, basic music theory and singing.

The program is taught to separate age groups so that students at the same skill level are grouped together.  We encourage group participation as well as individual growth musically.  Like the Montessori approach, children will develop at their own pace and have the freedom to choose the instruments and activities geared to their readiness.  Students will gain exposure to a wide variety of musical experiences in a fun and an educational environment.

The Program
(for children aged 2 to 6)

The extended day program begins with the early morning care from 7:30 am and runs through until 5:30 pm.

The half day Montessori program consists of either a 9:00 am to 11:45 am morning session, or a 1:00 pm to 3:45 pm afternoon session.

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The 5 Basic Principles of the Montessori Method

1.  To awaken the child's spirit and imagination.

2.  To encourage his normal desire for independence and high sense of self-esteem.

3.  To help him develop the kindness, courtesy, and self-discipline that will allow him to become a full member of society.

4.  To help children learn how to observe, question, and explore ideas independently.

5.  And, having created a spirit of joyful learning, to help the child to master the skills and knowledge of their society.

The Child - The Forgotten Citizen
Excerpts from a letter written by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1947 and addressed to all governments.

Click to enlarge photo My life has been spent in the research of truth. Through the study of children I have scrutinized human nature at its origin both in the East and the West and although it is forty years now since I began my work, childhood still seems to me an inexhaustible source of revelations and let me say hope.

Childhood has shown me that all humanity is one. All children talk, no matter what their race or their circumstances or their family, more or less at the same age; they walk, change their teeth, etc. at certain fixed periods of their life. In other aspects also, especially in the psychical field, they are just as similar, just as susceptible.

Children are the constructors of men whom they build, taking from the environment language, religion, customs and the peculiarities not only of the race, not only of the nation, but even of a special district in which they develop.

...The child is the forgotten citizen, and yet, if statesmen and educationists once came to realize the terrific force that is in childhood for good or for evil, I feel they would give it priority above everything else. All problems of humanity depend on man himself; if man is disregarded in his construction, the problems will never be solved.

...Man must be cultivated from the beginning of life when the great powers of nature are at work. It is then that one can hope to plan for a better international understanding. -- Maria Montessori ( 1870-1952)

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